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born_silence's Journal

Strickly Siggy
A Little About Me

I am twenty three years old and a Jack of All Trades. I live in Winnipeg and I love it! I'm a linguaphile and enjoy learning new languages. I've studied French, Spanish, Latin, and Cree. I would like to add Dutch, Japanese, and/or Russian to my plate.

I watch a lot of films that range anywhere from Hollywood, Bollywood, Korean, to Russian and even know a little bit about film making. I've planted trees in New Zealand and would like to travel to Africa for volunteer work but I'd also would like to backpack across Eastern Europe. I've finished my honours in criminal justice and am going to study at VU University in Amsterdam.

My favourite colours are in the pastel spectrum but I like deep red as well as electric blue. I enjoy reading a diverse selection of books but am currently focused on true crime novels as well as working my way through Modern Library's Top 100 Novels. My favourite song of all time is Emmenez Moi by Charles Aznavour, however, I also like a wide range of music from top 40 hits to golden oldies. My favourite musical artist at the moment is Alexander Rybak who has inspired me to pick up and learn the violin. I enjoy Shakespeareian plays especially his comedies and their re-imagining, for example As You Like It. I like classical lolita fashion, however, I have grown away from it into other areas of fashion such a moi.

It's been awhile since I updated my livejournal on a regular basis and I do not do it often enough. I am now useing it to keep up with my rabid fandoms and plot bunnies! <3

Alexander Rybak. Lady Gaga. Mumiy Troll. Muse. Nicki Manaj.

Across the Universe. The Avengers. The Ghost and the Darkness. Inglourious Basterds. Kindgom of Heaven. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. Little Women. Master and Commander: The Farside of the World. Sherlock Holmes. Thor. True Grit. Water for Elephants. Waterboys. What's New Pussycat?. Wilby Wonderful. X-Men: First Class.

Big Bang Theory. Corner Gas. Coupling. Due South. The League of Gentlemen. Sherlock. True Blood.

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